The images I create show my interpretation of growing up in a multi ethnic family, where my identity was further shaped by cross-cultural influences. Though I lived primarily in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, I spent the majority of my childhood torn between Japan and upstate New York. Whether I depart the train station in Shinjuku Ward, or walk the streets of any American city, I am aware of my inability to fully adapt to any one location. I can only look in from the outside, as I try to make sense of the small bits and pieces I have gathered from these opposing cultures.

In my current graphite series outside/in, I visualized this inwardness by inviting the viewer to take a position from the outside, challenging their own understanding of contemporary society. The work manipulates my perception of reality through dreamscapes, offering a representation of the chaotic harmony that led to my feelings of isolationism. By combining the repetitive elements of architectural design with familiar patterns found in nature, I hope to enhance the relationship and energy between landscapes and the human condition. My only wish is that the viewer walks away with a desire to question the beauty beyond our immediate world.